Dimensional Decoupage

I love paper and decoupage. I love creating something new. So I made these dimensional block decoupage pieces and added some highlight and shadows to make the dimension really stand out.

You can use any scraps or full sheets of paper for this. I used my 11×17 paper for the project in the video.

Try doing the project on a surface other than card stock. Try other surface shapes. Cut out the final project for tags, cards, matching decoration elements. Get creative and see what you come up with!

Paper tips:

  • Use scraps or full sheets with images/colors you like
  • The heavier weight (thicker) the paper, the more obvious the dimension
  • The lighter weight (thinner) the paper, the easier it is to layer smoothly
  • Try contrasting colors/papers
  • Try plain (non-image) papers and stamp or transfer over the blocks
  • Cut blocks of different sizes/dimensions
  • Do not be afraid to overlap and even completely cover some elements
  • Make sure you have enough pieces. You can always cut more as you go

Other tips:

  • Use a heavy sealer over paper before you paint over it
  • Be sure sealer is dry before painting
  • Use DIY or similar clay based paint that wipes back easily
  • You can use ANY contrasting color for paint. Try using White or a bright color that will compliment your paper and stand out against it.
  • Wipe back as much or little paint as you like. The thicker the paper, the more edges will be framed by paint.
  • Don’t forget to re-seal your project after wiping back the paint.
Old School
DIY Paint for wipe-back effect
11 x 17 Paper 444

Did you try this project? Copy/Paste your picture into the comments below for us to see!

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