Burlap Scroll

This is another painted burlap project I recently did using one of my new IOD transfers. I am not normally into the Western style, but the Desperado transfer has so many fun elements for projects. I really liked the large block of script and the flowers on this project.

This project could be really fun with other transfers as well, but I really liked the black and white look for this one.


IOD Desperado Transfer
DIY Paint

Steps & Tips

  • Pull strand along entire long edge from burlap length; cut along opening to reduce fraying
  • Protect the pages before paining/sealing the burlap
  • Wet paint to help it spread better
  • Seal the paint very well with a sealer for transfer adhesion & paint durability
  • Be sure paint and sealer are entirely DRY before transferring
  • Seal over the transfer to preserve it
  • Pay attention to the top and opening side before decorating the outside
  • Consider painting/sealing/decorating the inside of the burlap


  • Paint burlap a different color
  • Use different hem finishing (colored, patterned stitch, eyelets, trim, hardware, etc.)
  • Experiment with different closures
  • Use different papers inside or use pre-printed images/documents in your scroll
  • Try different transfers, or use stamps, stencils, etc. on the burlap
  • Roll it around a spool, a stick, a tube, or keep it a soft scroll.
  • Have fun filling up the insides!
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