Art Smock

I have been wanting to try this idea out for a while! I used Mod Podge for Fabric on this project. I have only tried washing it a couple times, but it seems the rice paper is holding up in the gentle cycle.

Since there are SO MANY styles of paper out there today, this idea has no limits! Just make sure to test your paper and product before committing. What about putting this fun paper on an art supply tote?

Rice decoupage paper  8”x12”

The rice paper (left) is a little more stable but a fraction of the size of the tissue paper (right).

These papers are a lot of fun for so many art project ideas, even if you don’t make an art smock!

Artist 20”x30” decoupage paper

We have used iron-on vinyl to seal items on fabric in the past. What are some other ways you have tried to secure and seal paper on fabric? We would love to hear in our comments below!