A Very Merry Advent Tree

This fun advent can be used for small goodies. I like the vintage look of this tree, but you could create your own in whatever style you choose! What I really liked is that I could use what I already had on hand to make this unique and practical decoration for Christmas. If you do not have spools, you can find another item you have a lot of, or use long push pins or nails! Get creative and use what you have.

Some of the products I used for this project can be found in A Few of My Favorite things (tea bags, Titebond). Other products you can find on my shop page 9papers, transfers, stamps, inks). Before you go shopping, see what you already have on hand- you may be surprised! Get creative! For numbers, use transfers (Explorations for example), stamps, stencils, or hand write them in. You could even find stickers or decoupage numbers.

Merry and bright in stock
Figgy Pudding  in stock
union liberty
Decoupage Papers
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